A Life Among The Strings

This documentary tells the story of Ara Malikian, multifaceted violinist of Lebanese and Armenian origin, portraying his professional trajectory and personal story. A tour through his life and unquestionable contribution to both classical and contemporary music. Throughout his now extensive career, Ara Malikian has succeeded in bringing music closer to all audiences, both adults as well as children, while commanding all genres without prejudice –from Bach to Led Zeppelin— and with multiculturalism as a trademark. A Spanish resident for more than 15 years now, he has performed in the best auditoriums, theaters and concert halls in the world. He has toured in over forty countries in five continents, recording more than 30 albums and even giving 450 recitals during the same year. He travels with his own production team, and shares the stage with performers of worldwide acclaim (Concertino during eight years at the Royal Theater Opera, Plácido Domingo, Extremoduro, Joaquín Cortés, Rafael Amarga and Sara Baras, among others.)

His concerts stand out for their emotional and humorous moments, and all his projects are tinged with social commitment. Considered one of the best musicians of the 21st Century, since residing in Spain he has brought his career to its highest point. During the documentary we follow Ara Malikian and his crew through his latest Symphonic Tour across large Spanish cities, accompanied by his 90 musicians and a loyal audience (more than 35,000 spectators on this last tour.) At the same time, we will tell his fascinating personal life story: born in Lebanon of Armenian origin, music saved his life when he escaped the war. He left Beirut at 14 years of age and since then has lived in Germany, France, United Kingdom, China and most recently, Spain. He shares with us his vision of music, his concerns, his life journey and his projects.


© Nata Moreno.

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