Ara Malikian – Royal Garage. Watif en el Hotel Westin Palace de Madrid

Ara Malikian presents Watif, the first song in which he gives voice to his composition. Ara apologizes to all professional singers of Planet Earth and the Milky Way. “This is not singing is coming up, freaking out, I hope you enjoy it and apologize” The direction of this video clip is in charge of Nata Moreno, awarded in the Goya 2020 and the Forqué for his film “Ara Malikian. A life between the ropes” Direction: Nata Moreno With the special collaboration of the actors: Marina Salas Jorge Usón And the participation of: Ana Pizarro Teresa Ramón. Eugenia Tenenbaum Director of Photography: Alana Mejia Gonzalez Arte Victoria Paz Producer Amelia Hernandez Location: The Westin Palace, Madrid


© Nata Moreno.

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